New Music: The Traps – Your Headland

August fades away into memory and the imminent arrival of September cannot be ignored any longer.  But the end of the Summer holidays have a few positives to them; the kids go back to school, University classes open up again, the football season restarts (did it ever end?) and we can all look forward to next Summer and, perhaps, better weather

“Your Headland” by the Traps is a Summer-time swansong, lush, light and breezy.  Conjuring up images of beach fronts and barbecues, Your Headland owes a debt to the Beach Boys but has a distinctly British feel to it.

A short, sweet and airy little song that will make a good footnote to what was a rather soggy Summer here in England, the chorus speaks of “not waiting too long” and suggests that people make a lot of plans that they don’t fulfil.

Perhaps next Summer will be more exciting, more sunny and less, well, British

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