New Music: Tashaki Miyaki – Tonight

Nothing about Tashaki Miyaki will overwhelm you, in the most overwhelming way possible. Carless adults across the globe would argue that their first child is the greatest accident that ever happened but I maintain that they have not yet listened to the Los Angeles duo, who formed unknowingly after jamming together early last year. Whatever spark was experienced that day is very much still present now and their new track ‘Tonight’ is proof of that, having been released by Luv Luv Luv records on August 6th.

And love love love you will, this is a band and a sound that oozes cool which has been demonstrated previously by their self titled EP release, appearances at SXSW and with Florence and the Machine plus the icing on the cake (in my humble opinion) being a limited press of The Everly Brothers covers courtesy of Rough Trade.

Whoever made this cake, deliberate or not, threw in a generous pinch of baking soda as this  band continues to rise and rise and just like icing cover treats you will simply try Tashaki Miyaki and before you know it have consumed the lot. ‘Tonight’ is no exception, blowing your mind in the most subtle way possible with its soft distortion and floating vocals, even the predicted ear splitting solo of stretched notes is muted and instead of fantasising about doing a knee slide across the stage you feel airy enough to drift off to a place closer to dream than reality.

This is a sensation you will experience with every listen so if your life is one where hyper-alertness is necessary then I suggest you avoid this, but that is the only exception. If you are more than happy to shut your eyes, lie back and dissolve into a simply composed and critically executed combination of instrument and lyric then you have found the perfect catalyst. Like letting yourself get tipsy without tomorrows hangover, like the slow ascent on a rollercoaster without the inevitable fall ‘Tonight’ will make you feel dizzy and free of inhibition tonight, tomorrow night and even the night after.

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