Bluesy finger clicking at the beginning followed by the soft almost whispering voice of Lauren Coleman is how Pebaluna introduce themselves. ‘No I Can’t’ is the perfect introduction to this folk band. Coleman’s voice sounds as natural as talking; it’s clear, occasionally sharp, but ultimately gorgeous and quite comforting. The warm guitar rounds off the simple use of strings which deliver a solid base to the vocals. The male backing provided by Matt Embree balances the sound and gives it the richness it needs so that it feels more complete. However, for me, it is the bass that gives it the proper fullness of sound, then again I am exceedingly inclined towards a bass guitar. Despite being quite an earnest, intense song, it is kept fun and light with an unpretentious ‘da da di da’ section that just fills the track with personality and originality. It is effervescent, not too overworked or overdone with quite bare, poetic lyrics (my favourite being ‘giving all of my love ‘til I ain’t got no more’ despite the grammatical inaccuracy). It is a solid, humble sounding song, full of passion; a labour of love and dedication but appears effortlessly done.