Lavender Diamond – Oh My Beautiful World

If there was ever a year for mellow music, it would be 2012. “Oh My Beautiful World” by the Lavender Diamonds of the U.S. fits the bill of mellow perfectly. The latest single was released from their upcoming album Incorruptible Heart, due to be released October 8.

“Oh My Beautiful World” is reminiscent of sitting along a Hawaiian beach with a Coke in hand during the early 1950s. It’s a slow and steady melody with a mixture of smooth voices. However just as the song seems to lull there is a mixture of synthesizer and melodic “ohs” and “ahs,” which gives the song a little more intrigue.

It’s difficult to tell whether the entire upcoming album will be as light as this single. Their past album, Imagine Our Love, was very folksy and acoustic. It will be interesting to see if they incorporate the new “psychedelic” aspect into other songs.

The single has no complicated guitar riffs, no explosive drum solos, and no cryptic lyrics. The repetition of the main verse, “Oh my beautiful world/ Oh my boys and my girls/ I love you,” is all that the song needs to say. The single is meant for basking in the sun and breathing deeply. And sometimes that’s all a song needs to be.

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