Inspired by the book of the same name Last Shop Standing is Pip Pipers two cents on the birth, rise and (inevitably) the fall of the UK independent record shop.

It isn’t news to us (and it hasn’t been for some time) that with the change in market that at first favoured big name chain stores and then digital downloads, the independent record shop has seen its role been severely diminished to the point of obsoletion. Pip adds his name to the substantial list of documentary makers who have given us their take on the subject, but where they were just content to be the death knell to this hallowed tradition, Last Shop Standing is determined to give a more optimistic angle on a cause so many were far too quick to give up on.

The DVD contains interviews from legendary musicians and industry alumni such as Johnny Marr, Norman Cook, Billy Bragg, Paul Weller, Nerina Pallot and Richard Hawley, as well as footage from record shops including Spillers Records in Cardiff and Rough Trade East in London.

To discover the fate of the small time vinyl shops for yourself check out Last Shop Standing at selected screenings from the 8th of September and on DVD from the 10th. Check out for more details.