Hungry Kids of Hungary – Escapades (EP Review)

Hungry Kids of Hungary (the four-piece are from Australia, actually) have toured with Jamie T. and Ok Go and their track ‘Wristwatch’ won Best Alternative Song of the Year at the Triple J Song Awards. Escapades is their UK début EP, comprising three indie-pop tracks.

‘Wristwatch’ is the first track of this EP. It’s uptempo and short—just under two minutes—with bright, snappy guitar riffs throughout; it’s a short, sharp burst of energy. ‘The Vacationer’ is much the same, though slightly slower paced and longer. ‘Coming Around’ is the third and final song. It’s a ballad about a failed relationship, but it sounds generic and doesn’t quite tug at the heartstrings as it is trying to, and doesn’t have the high energy of the previous two songs to make up for it.

Escapades seems effortlessly catchy and polished indie pop, but that’s because it follows so closely the formula of the music that came before; Hungry Kids of Hungry sound almost exactly like Vampire Weekend. For something to put on in the background on a summer evening, Escapades is fine; if, however, you want something original, and with some depth, look elsewhere.

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