Ethan Ash – Playing By Numbers (EP Review)

So being a rock and roll artist is all good and well but what about the nice guys who like a bit of the simple life? The musical wizards who bring an acoustic guitar to life; and are partial to a heartfelt ode to their loved ones now and again? Well, these guys are like gold dust. Go into any city and you’ll surely find at least a handful of budding musicians with a guitar in hand, belting out a Beatles cover. But there is a reason The Beatles are still so popular today… because no one can quite do it like they did. Hence their untouchable status. So when it comes to being an acoustic musician it helps if you have that ultra-special quality that makes you kind of superhuman. There isn’t a word in the dictionary that can describe that quality; you just know it when you hear it. From Jeff Buckley to John Mayor, that same quality applies to all.

Ethan Ash could well be the name on everyone’s lips in the near future. Having already supported the likes of Seth Lakeman, Nick Harper and pop phenomenon Ed Sheeran last winter he is most definitely half way there. ‘Playing By Numbers’ is his new EP set to be released this Autumn. With 6 tracks being the ultimate pick me up. Each one is sure to melt the hustle and bustle of your day away.

Opening number ‘Make You Smile’ is the perfect introduction to Ethan’s soothing voice, whilst he chirps about being the kind of boyfriend that most girls would class as their prince charming. With one of the catchiest chorus’ to be written ‘Wouldn’t Get Through’ is a stand out track in it’s own right. ‘I’ve got something to say to you, but if I wrote it down it wouldn’t get through, so I’ll sing this for you’. Ethan’s song writing ability is what takes him over the border from average to masterful with deeper tracks such as ‘No Love In That Bed’ and ‘Inside’ really bring his true ability to the surface. What is not to like about this sunshine infused acoustic set?!

Ethan Ash appears to be nothing less of a gentleman, who is on the verge of his dream.

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