Brightlight City – Feels Like (Single Review)

Robert Smith and The Cure gang may be headlining numerous festivals this year but there’s some new guys on the block with a belly full of fire and their minds on a mission. Brightlight City recently presented their new track named “Feels Like” to the world, ready for release this Autumn. “You’re sitting all by yourself, well you could use some help” are the opening lyrics accompanied with a pumped up guitar intro inspired by the greats, from The Clash to the more modern Kings Of Leon. A mere thirty seconds in and we’re hooked on the distinctive vocals from Jamie Giarraputo – who if given the chance could probably do a cracking The Jam cover. With the concepts of a punk band, the energy of rockers and a dash of indie for attitude, Brightlight City tick all the necessary boxes for the nation to welcome them with open arms to their music collection.

Festival season is in full swing and the Londoners have been making the most of the opportunities, playing at Redfest alongside Kids in Glass houses, The Skints and Modestep in July. The momentum just keeps on building and an air of promise surrounding the band suggests they could they be well on their way to their “big break”. With an air of promise comes a cloud of curiousity also, with the single “Feels Like” leaving us yearning to know more about the connection between these members. How each beat and riff is crafted and moulded together in such a seemingly effortless way.

With whispers of some scattered gig dates during the autumn, new fans should keep an eye out for new releases and information on their Facebook page below.

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