Album Review: Euros Child – That’s Better

If you’re like me, one of the people who will break out into song at any given moment, then this song is for you. ‘That’s Better’ is the second track Euros Child has released from his upcoming album ‘Summer  Special’.

Its summery rhythm will take your mind off the current gloom and doom of British weather and, generally, will bring you out of a bad mood. It is light and springy with a bouncy piano but is gentle enough that it would make an excellent alarm track; you can’t wake up to this and not be in a good mood. This happy-go-lucky, cheery track has a feel of early Beatles or Buddy Holly and gets head bobbing and hips swaying. It gets right under your skin in a good way: after hearing Euros Childs soft Welsh accent sliding nicely across ‘Ooh that’s better’ just one time, you can’t help but sing along with it the other 20 odd times. The change of pace at 2.30 slows it down and mellows it out with the clarinet giving a jazzy feeling; though it would make a good instrumental section, it isn’t the best way to end a lively and buoyant track. It has to be said that for a solo track, it has quite a full band feel which, personally, I like; it has more of a sense of unity about it which makes you crave to become part of their smiley and fun group. However, it’s more of a middle of the road album track- one to open with or cushion other tracks with instead of a single. If you are in a bad mood though, feeling a little tense and jittery, listen to this new track and it will have you breathing a sigh of relief and mumbling a casual ‘Oh, now that’s better’.

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