See what we made of Twin Planets self titled EP.

Twin Planets is the self-titled EP show clear influences from classic 1980’s new wave monsters such as Depeche Mode, Joy Division and The Cure. The sound is made fresh by crunching guitars and modern, thought provoking lyrics. Front man James Rookyard seems to be channelling the spirit of Morissey as he blasts through the songs, bringing an entirely new energy to the band’s iconic sound.

Opening track Stairs is a huge orchestral affair that takes advantage of Rookyard’s silky vocals to worm its way into the listeners mind. Catchy riffs and some lovely synth work makes this a great stand out track for the EP.

Discothequer brings The Smiths style deep vocals bang up to date with a trade off between higher, faster paced secondary vocals. The song is absolutely club worthy, sliding nicely into any indie or punk rock set for maximum dance floor filling.

Taking the EP in a darker, more trancy direction, Polar comes next. This track stands out as the most modern sounding effort, offering more to the gods of cybergoth and trance than the others. Its a pleasant gear shift and despite the darker lyrics and change of tempo the track has as much dance floor potential as its peers.

Lastly, Caroline brings the EP home with a fast paced lyrical epic, as Rookyard pours every drop of new wave sweat into the track. Again, the 80’s sounds are modernised and hauled into the year 2012 with bold guitars and the squeals of abused synths. Its a mixture that inspires devotion to this unique band on first listen. Watch out for Twin Planets in a packed dance floor near you, soon.

Twin Planets is available for download now.


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