Sporting an impressive growth of beards between them, The White Album are a Danish three-piece group. They received critical acclaim for the self-release of their first E.P., also gathering comparisons to folk musicians Iron & Wine and Jose Gonzalez. The group themselves class their music as neo indie-folk.

‘Your Mouth Is A Fist’ is the first single to be released from their forthcoming mini-album ‘Conquistador’. It is a simple and elegant song, combining haunting vocals and blisteringly honest lyrics. Simple guitar and percussion arrangements serve to highlight the importance of the vocals and lyrics, and the emotional burden they carry. The refrain of ‘your mouth is a fist’ is the centre of the song’s emotional journey changing from a pathetic plea, to a defiant declaration.

Comparisons to other folk acts such as Iron & Wine, are understandable, but there is a lot of exciting originality to be found on this track, promising great things from their forthcoming mini-album. ‘Conquistador’ is out September 24th through Popular Recordings.