The Killing Series 2 – Episode 9

Catch up for the Killing episode 9 – Sayonara, Hiawatha

So last week’s episode left us feeling very emotional as we saw Linden send Jack away to his dads and poor old Holder finally was reunited with his sister. The case is beginning to get even more dangerous and with Linden’s refusal to give up despite her suspension it seems it’s only going to get worse.

The episode begins with Holder returning to the police station to look for the case files and hopefully find Rosie’s key to the casino. On arrival Holder realises that everything from the office has gone. Lt Carlson tells him that due to the mess he and Linden have made the case has been transferred over to county. Carlson blames the situation on Linden and reveals that he believes she isn’t mentally stable as she had to stay for a month on a psych ward after one of her previous cases went wrong.

Whilst waiting outside Linden spots Gil Sloane leaving the police department, she notifies Holder and the two of them make the connection that he must have had the case transferred over to him by the mayor.

The pair go to visit Richmond, they tell him they need his help to get access to the casino but Richmond explains that his relationship with Nicole Jackson is strained and wouldn’t help their case. They leave and Holder tells Linden he will try in the morning to track some contacts within county to find the files.

It is now day 22 Mitch goes to visit David Rainer Rosie’s real father. He is surprised to see Mitch.  The pair reminisce and he reveals that Rosie had come to visit him not so long ago and told him about her plans to leave her family. Mitch is shocked by Rosie keeping such a big secret and decides to leave before she reveals that Rosie is now dead. David asks her if Rosie was his daughter but Mitch lies and says that Stan was her father – well he did raise her as his own after all!

Stan gets a phone call from Tommy’s school informing him that he has been involved in an incident. At the school he finds out that Tommy had been seen killing three small birds, Tommy is suspended and the school express concern that Tommy’s violence may continue. Stan gets angry with Tommy and argues with both the boys outside the school; angrily he tells them that he wishes he could just leave to. Later on at home Stan apologies and the three of them have a heart to heart. Maybe Tommy will stop acting to strange now!

Holder comes to find Linden, he tells her that his friend at county knew nothing about the transfer of the case and that no evidence was there. The pair set upon finding out where Gil has the evidence kept. Holder unnerves Gil by trashing his apartment; he threatens Gil and promises him that he will get the files regardless of Gil trying to stop him. Meanwhile Linden has steals Gils sat nav from his cars, she looks up his latest location. Holder returns and they set off to the location as they believe it will lead them to the files.

Richmond has his meeting with Nicole, it is clear that the whole waterfront proposition between them is set to benefit her. He suggests that he accepts her proposition if she lets the police search the casino. She declines and Richmond leaves the meeting telling her that she only does what is right for her, not her people. Jamie and Gwen argue with Richmond about his behaviour in the meeting with Nicole, he tells them that he refuses to make deals with someone as dishonest as her, even if it costs him his campaign.

Linden and Holder arrive at their destination; Holder recognises the area as a place near a storage box where he would hold his belongings. They go and break into Gils storage box and find the evidence including the key – I knew Gil was heavily involved in all of this!

In an attempt to help Richmond’s campaign Gwen asks mayor Adams to meet her. She tries to bribe him into declining the waterfront project with Nicole by stating she will reveal to her father that he took advantage of her when she was 14. Adam’s is not fazed by her allegations and laughs it off claiming that her father knew exactly what was going on and let it happen – Why does this not surprise me? I thought he father was dodgy!

In the middle of the night Mitch finally rings Stan and tells him about Rosie’s visit to David and her plans to leave. Stan is angry with her, he does not say much and ends the conversation by telling her the boys are ok and to take care of herself.

Linden and Holder travel to the casino where they have organised with Mary the cleaner to get access through the back door. Mary does not show up – probably because she is scared, I know i would be! Linden decides to go in herself bolting straight to the elevator. Holder worriedly follows her and makes a scene in order to draw attention away from her.

Linden gets in the lift puts in Rosie’s key in and goes up to the 10th floor. She eventually finds the construction site but does not see any obvious evidence of Rosie’s murder. Whilst on the phone to Holder she goes out to the balcony of the room and notices the perfect view of the city. She realises that Rosie must have come here to have one final look of the city she was leaving behind but must have interrupted something between Michael Ames and someone else.. Holder tells Linden to leave as it’s already been 5 minutes and so security must be on their way. Linden doesn’t listen, she carries on surveying the room and spots a city hall key card with blood on it.  She turns her flash light off and tries to reach it but it falls down in-between some of the metal work, Holder frantically tells her to turn off her flash light to stop drawing attention to herself. Linden looks up worried and exclaims it is off; suddenly a figure appears behind her and hits Linden round the head.

Ahhh what a way to end an episode i literally screamed at the television screen as the end music came on! The events are happening so quickly within each episode which mirrors the urgency of the case perfectly. It seems we are getting even closer to finding out exactly what happened, I already have my own theories, but I guess we shall just have to carry on watching.


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