The Killing Series 2 – Episode 10 “72 Hours”

Last week’s episode left us on the mother of all cliff hangers as Linden was knocked unconscious by a mysterious figure.This week’s episode picks up slightly after the incident as an unconscious Linden wakes up on what seems to be a psychiatric hospital ward.

An angry Holder turns up at the hospital and is denied access to go in and speak to Linden. He tells Carlson that Linden is being framed and has found evidence to prove Rosie was killed in the casino. Carlson clearly doesn’t believe him;Holder also reveals that Rosie’s case files never reached country which leaves Carlson looking very shocked. Perhaps Carlson is good after all?

Linden asks the nurse if she can contact Holder but her request is dismissed and she is told to rest whilst she is on suicide watch which only lasts for 72 hours. A psychiatrist comes to talk to Linden and tells Linden that with her cooperation she could be released a lot sooner. She tells Linden that she wants to discuss the last time she was in and gets out a photocopy of the drawing that was linked to the previous case – the same drawing that was stuck on the fridge by Roberta in the hotel! The pair continues to discuss the case; Linden reveals that the drawing was done by the young boy whose mum they found dead in the previous case.

Stan asks Terry to come over to the house where he apologises, he tells her that he feels he isn’t coping, Terry tells him he needs to let go otherwise nothing will get better. He leaves and drives over to Bennet Ahmed’s house in a bid to make amends. Whilst the family are out his fixes the porch light, they arrive later and Bennet is angry, Stan tries to apologise but Bennet threatens to call the police. After a tearful phone call to Rosie’s voicemail Stan decides to try to begin to move on and give the boys something to focus on by buying them a dog.

Holder goes to visit Reggie, he asks for her help to get Linden out but Reggie thinks that Linden needs the rest and time away from work or the same thing will happen as what happened before, Holder tells her this time is different and walks away. He notices a poster for Major Adams Waterfront project and realises that Michael Ames is project manager; he makes a call to the station to see if any dirty work had gone on with them, the officer tells Holder the only thing was one arrest of someone who broke in at the project on the same night Rosie died.

Richmond runs his campaign like he did at the start socialising with underprivileged kids at a rally, Jamie thinks it is a waste of times and goes backs to the office whilst Gwen enjoys watching a side of Richmond she hasn’t seen in a long time. At the office Jamie finds a pin on the floor that belongs to the Adams campaign, he finds out it was Gwen and tells Richmond who obviously thinks the worst. Richmond talks to Gwen and asks why he came to the office, Gwen explains about what happened when she was 14 with Adams and Richmond feels sorry for her.

Holder speaks to the officer who made the arrest at the Waterfront on the night of Rosie’s murder, he tells Holder that Michael Ames had rung up and told them to let the guy go as he worked for them. The officer recalls how he thought this was strange as the guy looked like a convict; he later did some research and found out that he worked for the mob under Janek Kovarsky. So Janek is definitely linked in with all this I knew it!

At the end of her meeting with the psychiatrist Linden is refused early release, she gets angry and is taken away by the attendants. Holder goes to visit her and discusses the information he found out. They realise that the Major, Ames and Nicole Jackson must have been planning something which Rosie must have found out, Linden is not herself and an upset Holder vows to get her out. Holder returns to one of Ames construction sites and confronts the guy arrested the night Rosie went missing asking what he was doing for Ames.After speaking to the Jonah Holder returns to speak to Carlson, he tells him what he thinks has happened with the Rosie case and requests he gets Linden out. Back at the hospital Linden has another meeting with her psychiatrist where she opens up more about her previous case, the psychiatrist almost gets her to open up about her own mistreatment and abandonment by her mother when they are interrupted by a nurse.

The nurse tells them that Linden is officially able to be released; Linden stops what she is saying and gets up immediately. Out in the reception Lindens ex fiancé arrives and signs the release papers he tells Holder he will help get her out but doesn’t want to be involved with her after. As Linden comes out the pair share a brief look, Linden races to come out but by the time she gets through security her fiancé has already left. Holder greets her and the two of them head back out to get onto the case once more.

In the last shot we see Nicole Jackson on the phone to someone, she walks up to the construction site at the casino and relays the person on the phone “The room is being taken care of, they won’t find anything”. The shot pans down and underneath the keyboards the blood stained key card can be seen ahhh!

Well what a fantastic episode that was! I think it worked really well to tie up lots of loose ends left throughout this series and to show us that we are nearly reaching the end.Have you figured out who the killer is? I think i have but i guess we will have to wait till next time!

Collette Hughes


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