Shearwater – Immaculate (Single Review)

So here’s the new single from Shearwater’s critically acclaimed album ‘Animal Joy’. They also have a very weird and interesting video accompanying their song ‘Immaculate’.

The song itself is a twisted fusion of indie and blue collar rock. The video sort of matches up to this as its fast paced changing of imagery goes well with the choppy guitar riff. However, I don’t know what they were thinking with some of these images. Some birds, someone’s cut arm, the sea and a guy who is sort of dosing off in a car. It’s pretty confusing; I think they could have done a better job of getting involved in the video. I think it would even be better if it was just footage of the band playing the song, because the video itself it proved to be quite distracting from the song and totally random.

In saying that, they must have put more trust into the director, Jamie Stewart, to give them something that was a little different, something a bit unconventional and even contradictory to their song title. The song is still a refreshing little number and video or not, I think it’s a good listen.


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