New Music: Vessel – Court Of Lions

New track from Vessel’s upcoming album.

Vessel is the pseudonym of Sebastian Gainsborough. At 22 years old, he has already grabbed people’s attention with the release of his 12” singles; his new song, ‘Court of Lions’, is a track from this upcoming talent’s debut album. To really experience this track properly, you ought to use headphones; that way, you garner every musical morsel Vessel is giving you. The opening of the track is intense and sets the standard for the rest of it. The song builds and twists and turns into what some might say is electronic chaos- but it isn’t. Somehow, Vessel manages to bring a very focussed sound and make order from the chaos. At the three minute mark, the song becomes just gorgeous: it spaces out and puts the listener in an ethereal, trance-like state. Although the whole sound is very full and forceful, you don’t feel drowned by noise but mellowed out and calm. If done badly, this track could leave a lot to be desired but it doesn’t. Even though plainly music, that alone says so much. Somehow, emotions are created with sound which is something lacking in other electronic music. ‘Court of Lions’ is a track which, for a few minutes, allows you to leave everything else behind and lose yourself to the song.


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