New Music: MYPET – Pays To Know

Having flourished from a raw and regressive jam session newly formed LA two piece, MYPET, release their debut single on Luv Luv Luv on August 20th. Reeking with dark sexual undertones, Pays to Know provides a nuanced sound inducing lustful thoughts to drink and smoke to; echoing that of The Kills, Sleigh Bells and the more lo-fi Massive Attack.

Amy’s sultry yet wraithlike whisky soaked vocals channel contemporaries Alison Mosshart and even Portishead’s Beth Gibbons. Ray’s lo key yet melodic synths, and brooding bassline ebb and flo neither climaxing nor diminishing, following the throbbing heartbeat of drums and Amy’s seductive yet menacing vocals.

Pays to Knows looks to “leave behind the confections of modern music and dissects the hierarchical relationship between a rabbit and a snake: both are in implicit understanding of their natural roles as predator and prey – yet they both require patience in order to achieve fulfilment of their positions”. The predator/prey seductive melancholia surrounding Pays to Know has caught the attention of not only industry eyebrows, but that of the masses, who are already thirsty for further tracks to materialise.

With minimal information on MYPET available, reminiscent of The Kills early withdrawn media days, the band provide only a small analytical interpretation on their purpose: “Amy serves as a channel of these messages – outwardly searching for transmissions beyond our plain. They flow through her during sessions, guided by Ray. Ray is the cause and alchemic mixer of ingredients – Amy, the vehicle for reaction”.

Fucking hell. Did you understand that? However you interpret that, it’s refreshing to find a band intelligibly and poetically reclusive in nature and seductive in sound, juxtaposing the mainstream.

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