New Music: Fantasy Rainbow – O, Weirdo

If you could just bottle up those glorious summers we once knew then Fantasy Rainbow would surely be a part of the potion, you can almost feel the warmth of the sun. In the world of indie-rock it’s so easy for upcoming artists to be categorised by their image and their most crowd pleasing tracks, which means other artists are quite often left to be swept under the carpet. But with 19 year old Oliver Catt, this doesn’t seem to be the case.  With a knack for song writing and a personality like no other suddenly the awkwardness of a teenager melts away with lyrics that have more depth to them than a 30 year old man could write.

Oliver’s latest release O’Weirdo, released August 20th, sounds like it could be an ode to the Radiohead classic, Creep and with lines like “nobody listens, nobody cares” it may sound not far off. However the uplifting guitar riffs are a huge contradiction to the written words and you could practically skip along to them if you so wished. The next contradiction for Fantasy Rainbow is that it’s almost impossible to believe this type of indie music has stemmed from Manchester. Any bands from Manchester with guitars on their backs toddle off often to try and become the next Oasis, naturally. So with a name which radiates optimism and all things lovely I was thinking more along the lines of Los Angeles. This just goes to show that harsh categorisation of indie-rock I was talking about earlier on.

Oliver Catt has since been offered studio space at Sputnik Sound Studios ran by Grammy Award winning producer, Vance Powell, in Nashville Tennessee. So Manchester lad Oliver is jetting over the pond to work on his debut album. Representing the northerners of Britain at just 19, be proud Manchester, it looks like Oliver will live his fantasy sooner than he could have imagined.


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