‘Lonely Gun’ is the new song from Seattle band Minus the Bear’s fifth album, ‘Infinity Overhead’. The new track showcases a more electronic flair compared to their typically rock style. Upbeat and dance-worthy, it features a feet-stomping, sing-a-long chorus with the resplendent chorus ‘I wish that I could turn it off, Bullets ricochet like fog’. Jake Snider’s vocals are pure, smooth and impeccable as his voice rises with ease to caress each note. The guitar, though brilliant, takes some of the attention away from the splendour of Snider’s vocals and the whole song feels that bit over-produced. It lacks a certain rawness which would make the song seem fresh and new; it doesn’t contain that gorgeous, guttural sentiment which the band are capable of. The last quarter of the song brilliantly uses the underrated component in songs- silence. It kick-starts the track afresh and pushes forwards with one last surge of energy. However, freshness and energy is what the song needs. Each part of the song on its own sounds tremendous: the guitar riffs are flawless; the vocals are sleek and silky; the dance edge provides the right rhythm to bring the song together. In its bare bones, you have the makings of a great song but it just needs that bit stripping back and the focus ought to be on the purity of Snider’s vocals and sincerity of his lyrics.


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