Review of High Ranking and Tigerlight’s new EP.

High Rankin is best known for his track that addressed the mephedrone boom back in 2010 – titled aptly ‘Meow Meow’, additionally he has produced remixes of Snoop Dogg and Professor Green to name but a few. With that in tow, High Rankin has gone on to unite with vocalist Tigerlight – marrying his hard-hitting production style with her silky smooth vocals on the EP ‘Breaking Hearts and Minds’, released on Suicide Dub Records on the 3rd of August.

Opener ‘Save Yourself the Pain’ is eurotrash meets dub – that probably doesn’t sound too great. Give it a chance it’s rather catchy. ‘I Make Bass’ is an obvious reaction to some snarky comment or internet trolls, it serves as a kind of retaliation and justification, but is done in a very tongue in cheek way, “Fuck you I can make a bass sound like this”, it then slams into some hard dubstep.  ‘Hundred Miles High’ features rapper Murkage Dave, throw in some haunting operatic vocals and a heavy bassline and that just about sums the track up.

The last track ‘Day to Day’ has caused a bit of controversy in the dubstep sphere with its shocking video which depicts a hooded gang beating the absolute shit into a man with a very questionable moustache – I later realised that that man is High Rankin. According to him, “It’s the most haunting track on the EP, and addresses perhaps the final taboo, death.” Odd, but whatever gets you noticed eh? Tigerlight plays a mystical guardian angel in the video, and eventually is the one who saves Rankin from his impending death.

It seems that Rankin will try anything to create a bit of controversy in the hope that his tunes get noticed – and well played, it’s worked to a certain extent. It does however seem like this EP, albeit catchy, is nothing we haven’t heard before.


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