Wooden Wand – ‘Big Mouth USA’ Single Review and UK tour announcement


Calling all fans of Wooden Wand, or just anyone who enjoys a mixture of experimental folk and rock music. Fire records have announced that Wooden Wand aka the prolific singer/songwriter James Jackson Toth is treating us with an exclusive UK tour this summer.

For just over a decade Toth has been praised for being an individualist within the musical world. He is known for the brave and successful ways in which he has fused different musical genres in order to continually produce a sound which is aesthetically rich and brilliantly diverse. His sound is influenced greatly by both conventional and experimental folk, country and rock which constantly changes in order to mirror Toth’s own personal musical journey.
Wooden Wand has also had many thriving collaborations with other artists such as The Vanishing Voice, Sky High Band and The Briarwood Virgins which have again produced a vast amount of unique material.
Fire Records have currently stated 7 dates for Wooden Wands UK Live Tour (which are noted below) and have promised that more dates are to be announced shortly. Also joining Wooden Wand for two dates this summer is acclaimed London bluesman Duke Garwood which I’m sure will add even more soul to the tour.

In addition Toth has released a free MP3 from his ‘Briarwood Deluxe Reissue’ album called ‘Big Mouth USA’, a wonderfully class track which perfectly represents the ever changing musical direction of Wooden Wand. The track itself has a much more ‘rocky’ feel to it rather than the folk sound that many of his other songs are often associated with. It oozes with an alternative rock charm, placing thick husky vocals against strong repetitive guitar riffs and a steady drum beat. This all mixes together and becomes almost impossible to separate, flowing together in a way which is similar to the music by Michael Gira. It’s exactly the kind of song I can imagine swaying and singing along to with a group of my friends after having a few drinks, perfect!

So overall I highly recommend that you go and get yourself some tickets to see Wooden Wand in action. Also if you fancy grabbing yourself a copy of ‘Big Mouth USA’ head over to Fire Records SoundCloud, you do not want to miss out!

Wooden Wand Tour Dates (more to be announced shortly)

26/6/12 – Trades Club – Hebden Bridge

27/6/12 – Night And Day Cafe – Manchester

29/6/12 – Cafe Oto – London (with Duke Garwood and Dead Rat Orchestra)

30/6/12 – Miss Peapods – Penryn

04/7/12 – The Duchess – York

05/7/12 – Rough Trade East Instore – London – 7pm (with Duke Garwood)

07/7/12 – Lushfest – Dorset


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