What to Watch – Week Commencing June 25th

Monday 25th June

Food Factory (Series 3 Episode 1) – BBC One 7:30pm

After a near two year hiatus, the rather very wonderful Food Factory makes its way back to our Television screens. This time round, “foodie” Stefan Gates takes over from former presenter Jimmy Doherty, as he delves into the secrets of mass produced meals.

Look forward to feeling appalled at witnessing what really goes into your food, and then forgetting by the time you make your next trip to Asda.

In the first episode of the new series, Stefan Gates is joined by Actress, Singer and 2006 Biggest Loser winner Jodie Prenger and Strictly’s very own, Anton “head like a pot plant” Du Beke.

Alan Partridge: Welcome to the Places of My Life – Sky Atlantic 9:00pm

Who Is Alan Partridge? What is Alan Partridge? Why is Alan Partridge?

Join Norfolk’s favourite son, radio DJ and one time sports presenter has he takes us on a guided tour of the homeland he dubs, “Wales of the East” and attemps to answer those questions and much, much more.

Such a shame this is only going to be a one off special.

Veep (Series 1 Episode 1) – Sky Atlantic 10:00pm

A US adaptation of the BBC’s critically acclaimed ‘In the Thick of it’; ‘Veep’ follows the goings of the newly appointed vice-president of the United States, Seline Meyer (Julia Louis Dreyfus).

The rate of British comedies being successfully transformed for our American cousins doesn’t exactly inspire confidence, but I urge you to read the preview, and watch the trailer, of the show on this very site: https://vulturehound.co.uk/2012/04/veep-preview/

This show will definitely entertain.

Tues 26th June

Line of Duty (Series 1 Episode 1 of 5) – BBC Two 9:00pm

It looks dark and gritty; expect to see a lot of stern facial expressions and a grey tint to everything. Yes it’s another crime procedural drama.

But hopefully a procedural that’s able to generate some fresh air into what is now a very saturated and predictable genre. We should be in great hands as ‘Line of Duty’ comes from Jed Mercurio, the man who brought us Bodies, back in 2004.

Hit and Miss (Series 1 Episode 6 of 6) – Sky Atlantic 10:00pm

Hit and Miss has been fantastic, and if it’s been a show you’ve been following then I’m sure you’ll be more than happy to agree. Sadly this week see’s the last in the series.

For those who haven’t been watching Hit and Miss, it follows the story of Mia (Chloe Sevigny), a contract killer with a secret – she’s a transgender woman.

This week: “The children frantically search for Mia, after she disappears without a trace, following a visit to the funfair…

Wed 27th June

Match of the Day Live: Portugal v Spain – BBC One 7:00pm

Could turn out to be one of the highlights of the Euro 2012 tournament so far – could this be Christiano Ronaldo’s time to shine? I think it’s going to be a big ask for Portugal to come up with the goods to beat Spain.

The Killing (Season 2 Episode 9 of 13) – Channel 4 10:35pm

Just who did kill Rosie Larsen? The Killing is a great show, but you knew that already didn’t you?

This week: “Sarah is suspended and Holder is on sick leave, and both detectives are told to stay off the Larsen case, but both detectives ignore their orders and try to acquire a key to the casino in a bid to find out what happened on the 10th floor…”

Thursday 28th June

Match of the Day Live: Germany V Italy – BBC One 7:00pm

So it’s the Germans versus the Italians; no wanted to see an England V Germany semi final anyway right?

The Men Who Made Us Fat (Series 1 Episode 3 of 3) – BBC Two 9:00pm

This week: “With one adult in four now classified as obese, Jacques Peretti sets out to discover why Britain is getting fatter. He examines assumptions about what is and is not healthy and discovers how product marketing can seduce consumers into buying supposedly healthy foods such as muesli and juice – both of which can be high in sugar. He also explores the impact of successive government initiatives and health campaigns, questioning whether things have really changed when high-profile events such as the Olympic Games are sponsored by drink and fast-food companies…”

Dead Boss (Series 1 Episode 4) – BBC Three 10:30pm

Though the first two episodes didn’t really push all my buttons, I’ve developed quite a soft spot for this comedy mystery.

This Week: “Helen becomes frustrated by the lack of progress in her case and decides to study law, but she is in for a surprise when Top Dog makes her the leader of the gang. Meanwhile Tony continues investigating the Entirely Tiles offices – with no apparent result.

Friday 29th June

The Circus – ITV1 9:00pm

No plans this Friday? Then why not stay in and watch an interesting documentary about one of Britain’s longest-established family circus. Why I hear you ask? Because circuses are cool.

Except clowns, they’re pretty terrifying.

Anyway, add a glass (or 12) of wine to the mix and you’re well on your way to a winning Friday evening. And to top it off, the show’s narrated by The Chase’s very own, Bradley Walsh.

Who said Friday nights are dead?

Awake (Season 1 Episode 9 of 13) – Sky Atlantic 10:00pm

This week: “A furious and distraught Rex asks Britten to help discover the real reason why his girlfriend has broken up with him. Meanwhile, the detective also investigates the death of an American football fan following a fight, as well as an arson attack that is linked to a dry cleaner who’d run up heavy gambling debts.

Sat 30th June

Mad Mad World (Series 1 Episode 1 of 7) – ITV1 10:20pm

ITV and there celeb infused quiz based game shows . . . just what will they think of next?

Comedy quiz based on news, events and TV clips from around the world. Paddy McGuinness hosts, with team captains Rufus Hound and Rhys Darby joined each week by celebrity panellists. In the first edition, X Factor judge Louis Walsh, former supermodel Janice Dickinson and comedians Jason Byrne and Rob Rouse take part.”

The Good Guys (Series 1 Episode 1 of 20) – Sky1 11:45pm

The Pilot episode sees Colin Hanks and Bradley Whitford starring. A by-the-numbers detective is partnered with a washed-up alcoholic.


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