The Killing Series 2 – Episode 7 “Keylela”


So we have the next sensational episode of ‘The Killing’. The episode picks up right form where it left off with Linden in Holders apartment. The pair discusses how the drawing could have got on the fridge, Linden is convinced it has been done as a warning, Holder tells her not to worry she is safe. The person watching Holders apartment window is still outside, we can see it is a women.

It is now day 20, Linden wakes up to Holder and Jack cooking breakfast, she looks at the books on Holders shelf and is drawn to one on Monarch butterflies. Linden gets a call from the police officer who was analyzing Rosie’s voicemail message he tells her the sounds sound like one from a construction site. Linden figures that it must be within the casino and tells Holder to find any records of business between Michael Ames construction company and the casino.

Gwen goes to the hospital and discusses her plan to clearRichmond’s name, Jamie says it will only happen if the police find the killer. Gwen tells them she knows the prosecutor onStan’s trial; she says she will try to convince him to agree to a lighter sentence if Stan publicly announces that he believes Richmond was completely innocent.

Rosie’s best friend Sterling visits Stan. She gives him the contents of Rosie’s locker as the school had issued it to a new student. Stan asks her if Rosie was happy, Sterling says that yes she thinks she was, Stan recalls the last time he saw Rosie and how she had stood looking at him for ages like she was really sad.

Linden and Jack go to a new hotel one which has better security, she gets a call from Holder who tells her he has the connection between the casino and the construction company.In the car Holder tells Linden that Michaels Ames company never finished the construction at the casino. Linden suggests he go around talking to employee’s to see if anyone knows anything. She pulls out the book which she took from Holders apartment and tells him that Rosie had used her camera to study the migration of the Butterflies near the casino so perhaps she had stumbled on a secret she shouldn’t have known or was trying to find out something. Linden goes to explore the island and Holder goes into the casino and begins to look around, he is spotted by a cleaner there who looks at him strangely.

Gwen and Jamie go to visit Stan and try to convince him to read the statement at the press conference, telling him about the deal that could be made with his trial. Stan refuses to do anything without it in writing. Gwen tells him she will get that to him but the press conference is that evening. Gwen and Jamie return to the hospital and tell Richmond that the deal was a bluff and that Stan would not agree to it. Richmond goes to Stan to apologise, Stan tells him how he feels no one cares about Rosie anymore to which Richmond replies ‘’Then make them, make them care about her!’’

Linden gets to her destination begins to explore, completely ignoring a sign which tells her to keep out. At the casino Holder begins talking to one of the employees, he tells him he was looking for some sort of room service, the employee gives him a poker chip and tells him to go to the bar and give it in to the bar tender who will hook him up. Whilst walking Linden is interrupted by Nicole Jackson – i really do not trust this woman! Linden tells her that she knows Rosie was at the casino, Linden realises she is surrounded by Nicole, Roberta Drays – the women who has been watching Linden – and other people from the island; Nicole tells her that this is her warning to stay away.

Back in the casino Holder talks to a lady offering room service, he tells her he would like to do it in the unfinished rooms, she declines telling him no one is allowed to go up there. A young man offers his services to Holder who again tells him he wants to do it at the construction site, the young man tells Holder it is on the 10th floor. Holder pushes him off and quickly tries to get up to the 10th floor but has no luck. He gets back in the lift and is joined by the cleaner from earlier;she gives him a pack of matches for his cigarettes. Holder is confused, the cleaner doesn’t say anything until she gets out at the next floor she turns to look at him and says “I hope Rosie’s family got her backpack ok” – So it was her that gave the backpack! The lift doors shut and Holder tries to get out, he opens the cigarette packet and inside it says 11am tomorrow – the lift doors open and Holder is greeted with the casino security.

At the Larsen household Terry asks Stan about the card left by Gwen, he tells her it was just some people coming around asking questions. His son asks if it was police like the ones who spoke to Terry the day before, Stan gets the boys to go to their room and ask Terry what they were asking. She confesses about her relationship with Michael Ames and how they met through Beau Soliel she tries to convince Stan that she had no idea that Rosie was involved, Stan angrily shouts at her to leave. Stan decide to attend Richmond’s press conference he reads a statement which clears Richmond’sname and highlight that Rosie’s killer is still out there.

Linden returns to the hotel to find two men from child services talking to Jack, she tries to make them go but they tell her that they have received a call about neglect of her son.Jack asks to go to the bathroom and Linden gets a phone call she runs outside the hotel where Jack is waiting by the car after jumping out the window and drive off.

At the casino Holder is taken to see the chief, he is driven to where Linden was met by Nicole earlier and is presented with the same welcome. Nicole’s people beat up Holder whilst phoning Linden to let her hear what’s happening – so cruel!

So here we have it another unpredictable episode with so much happening i could barely keep up! It seems the storylines are really getting serious now which i think will continue from now till the end of the series…. ahhh i love it!

Collette Hughes


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