So last week we were dropped the ultimate bomb by Alexi…. Stan Larsen was not Rosie’s biological father. This left us all questioning everything we already knew, and wondering how the aftermath of this revelation would pan out.

This week’s episode opens with a distraught Terry in the car with Michael Ames (I knew there was something going on!), it appears that they have been having a secret relationship and now Michael has decided to end it, when she tries to reason with him he grabs her in a violent manner and tells her to stop calling him.

Linden goes to visit Stan, she tells him that Alexi had nothing to do with Rosie’s death and that she knows he is not Rosie’s biological father. Stan tells Linden that Mitch got pregnant whilst they had been on a break, he did not know who her father was and never asked. Linden tells him that Rosie was finding it hard to deal with and had told Alexi. Stan said that he never had problems with Rosie she was fine with him, but he had noticed her acting strange-looking through one of Mitch’s old keepsake boxes the one I’m guessing that Mitch took with her to the motel. Linden asks Stan to look around Rosie’s room again when she gets a call from Holder. He reveals the passenger in the car who Rosie was hiding from the night she died was Michael Ames – ahhh it’s all linked! – Could Rosie have been sleeping with her boyfriend’s father?

Meanwhile Mitch is visited by Tina the young runaway who asks to hang out for a while in her room.

Richmond and Jamie begin to get ready to enter back into the mayoral race. He goes to attend a special television interview in which he is back to his old strong self telling the public that he never once doubted he would not continue within the race. Gwen returns to see Richmond strictly on a business base, she begs him to let her help clear his name and win the race. Richmond blanks her efforts and she leaves, Jamie chases after her and gets her to stay. Richmond rings up Gwen and thanks her for coming to see him and asks her to help.

Linden and Holder go to speak to Terry about her relationship with Michael, Terry tells them that he was never a client and what they had been real. They had planned to go on a trip to Las Vegas the night Rosie went missing but he had bailed on her. Holder gets a phone call from the station, Rosie had sent Michael a text two weeks prior to go missing saying ‘5,000 i want the money or i tell your wife’.

Back at the station Linden tries to call Mitch with no luck, she questions why Rosie was blackmailing Michael was he her real father or a client? Holder finds out that Michael’s company helped to fund Major Adams campaign, was this linked to Rosie? Perhaps Major Adams had helped clear up Michael’s mess and subsequently ruined Richmond’s campaign.

The pair go to visit Jasper to talk about him and Rosie, he reveals that Rosie was a virgin and that she hated her life, that she told him it was all fake. Linden asks about his father’s whereabouts the night she went missing. He tells them that Michael had been away but had returned at 4 o’clock in the morning in a cab, not his usual mode of transport.
In a rage Jasper goes to Michael’s workplace and argues with him about his relationship with Rosie asking his if he was sleeping with Rosie.

Stan goes to visit Alexi, he is just about to get out the car when he spots Monica walk out of the house. The pair then got in a car and drove off leaving Stan sat in the car seething still. Mitch and Tina continue to learn more about each other and begin to have a big heart to heart – it seems that Mitch is forming quite an attachment with her. They both fall asleep on the bed, when Mitch wakes up Tina has left taking most of her valuables with her, Mitch looks through her box and finds a letter addressed to ‘David Rainer’ confessing she is pregnant – so that is who Rosie’s real father is!

Linden finds out that Lt Carlson has pulled the warrants for Michael’s phone and the search of the casino, Linden is furious and returns to the station to argue it over with him. On getting the station her and Holder spot Gil Sloane walking out of a room with Lt Carlson – are the two linked? Carlson tells Linden that she has a visitor, Jasper, Michael and their lawyer walk in. Jasper confesses about sending his dad the text from Rosie’s phone trying to blackmail him as punishment for the way he treats his mother. Linden is furious as this does not explain his whereabouts the night Rosie was killed. As they leave she argues with Carlson who tells her he doesn’t no want another high-profile accusation. Linden and Holder keep hitting the same brick wall!

The pair go to see Jaspers mother at the party she has thrown at her house. She reveals that she knows all about Michael’s affairs but they have an agreement that he can play as long as he stays with her to keep up appearances, after leaving the Ames house they notice the sheriff from the casino island turn up to the party. Linden thinks that it is strange that she should be there and suggests they tap into Michael’s phone line.

Stan is at Rosie’s grave when Alexi turns up and tells him that he saw Stan outside his house. They talk about Rosie knowing that Stan wasn’t her real father, Alexi tells him it must have been nice to have a dad even if he wasn’t her own. Alexi reveals that the only reason that Stan is still alive was because of Rosie.

Linden and Jack return back to the motel, Linden is excited as Jack scored high in a test at school she goes to put it on the fridge when she notices a drawing on the front. She asks Jack if he put it on there and he says no, which causes her to become frantic. Who has been in their room? She grabs all their stuff and they got to stay with Holder for the night – little do they know they are being watched!

Overall this has been another explosive episode, full of more twists and turns than ever before; I shall be waiting on tender hooks until the next one… eeek!

Collette Hughes

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