Simian Mobile Disco – Your Love Ain’t Fair” (SingleReview)

The third single taken from the London-based electronic duo’s third studio album, “Your Love Ain’t Fair” is a sophisticated blend of euphoric breaks and darker, brooding beats. The minimalist percussive intro paired with distortion effects build the tension to the soaring, yet melancholic lyrical hook of ‘Your Love Ain’t Fair’. An emotional and thought-provoking refrain which is repeated, leading to the first of many anthemic breaks. While these big dance-floor beats will please the club-scene crowd, there is a lot more depth to be found on this track. The hook combined with some of the moodier beats and distortion effects create an atmosphere of emotional desperation and desolation. The breaks offering the temporary solace of the dance-floor.

The video is a mesmerising visualisation of the songs fluctuation between desolation and hope. A sparse vista of empty rooms and industrial spaces, filled with lamps and bulbs struggling to light, which blaze at the breaks.

Simian Mobile Disco have achieved a massive feat by crafting a dance-floor anthem of sweaty, t-shirt-ripping beats, with an emotional core and deeper aspirations.


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