We posed some questions to up and coming Swanage band Saturday Sun. This is what they had to say:

Hey guys, for anyone that hasn’t heard any of you music how would you describe it?
A full cream mr.whippy dripping from a dog’s nose in the rising sun!

How did the name Saturday Sun come about?
It’s a song about regarding the ‘now’ of our lives rather than worrying about other preferences, it’s all here now, it’s just how you see it.

How did the band come together?
A mutual love of roast potatoes bound us all together for eternity.

We hear you live in an abandoned grammar school. How did that come about?
We met the caretaker around a year ago and after letting us practice there for a while he let us slump our caravan on the premises! We have been riding the coshty wave for quite some time but at the end of the summer it’s getting turned back into a functioning school, nooooooooo!

Which bands and artists are your biggest influence?
We have big love for John Martyn and lots of artists in those particulars, lots of alternative rock/soundscapes from bands like Oceansize and Jakob. Generally the music of time and space.

Tell us about the Seagull E.P. What are your favourite tracks from it?
It’s a blend of some acoustic sessions we did last summer with a couple of band songs. Hard to choose a favourite song for us as we enjoy it as a little slice of time, can’t handle opinions!

You’ve got a series of shows coming up. Are there any that you’re particularly looking forward to playing?
We are playing Larmer Tree, Eden session and Beautiful Days festival this summer and we are looking forward to those so much. Also got quite a few London dates coming up one being @ Queen of Hoxton June 27th, it’s an independent artist night and there is alot of soundscapes and post-rock.

What should a person expect from a live performance by Saturday Sun?
Folk explosions

Alex and Bill are both the songwriters how does the process between you work?
We both write songs and try work them into the band, if they work they get put on the menu and if not they float off into the ether. We have been working off a lot of jams recently. Alec the bassist writes a lot of music on his piccolo too.

What can we expect from Saturday Sun over the coming months?
Hopefully coshty living and a constant flow of music other than that there is talk in the pipeline of sponsorship from noble giants Supergas.


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