San Cisco are an Australian four-piece indie pop band who have garnered much critical and commercial success in their home country; scooping up eight awards at this year’s Western Australian Music Awards, including “Most Popular Group”, “Breakthrough Pop Act”, and “Most Popular Album/EP”.

The group make their UK debut next month with the release of their EP “Awkward”. “Rocket Ship” is the forthcoming single from this EP.

Starting with an adrenaline-fueled beat on the bongo drums before launching into the first verse, the track is a wild and fun ode to the halcyon days of childhood. Lead singer, Jordi Davieson, sounds like a younger, screechier (in a good way) incarnation of Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig, without straying into the territory of outright imitation. There is enough originality in his tone to suggest promising future development. The chorus is simplistic but catchy. While the lyrics don’t offer up too much in the way of substance or depth, this works well, as rather than being a reflection on the days of childhood, the song is an opportunity to try and relive them in all their carefree glory, and capture their innocence.

The video also captures this sense of childhood, with it’s tinted Super 8 style footage. The video was filmed in the band’s hometown of Fremantle, Perth, and features many of their friends and family. The video suits the tone of the song perfectly, managing to successfully tread the fine line between endearing nostalgia and sickening sentimentality. It carries an infectious summer atmosphere, perfect for the single’s seasonal release in the UK.

San Cisco are a young band, still clearly in search of their own distinct sound, but they are on the right track. Influences of bands like Vampire Weekend and Arcade Fire are evident throughout the track and video, but they take these influences and give them their own interpretation. Rocket Ship is a great summer track and the video is definitely worth a couple of views. While you probably won’t be listening to it in six months, you might just be left eager to hear more from San Cisco.


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