A collaboration between the French producer Yuksek and Belgian DJ The Magician, Peter & the Magician won critical and commercial acclaim last year with their first EP “Twist”. The pair blended both their musical styles to create an excitingly different sound. This July, Peter & the Magician hope to build on this success as they return with their second offering, “Memory”, which is being released through Kitsuné on July 9th.

The forthcoming single from the EP is also titled “Memory”. The track is like a memory, a hazy one you try to grasp at the edge of your mind. Starting with a suggestion and filling in the gaps from there.

The track starts off with a base of percussive and bounce-y beats, building on this layer by layer, with tropical steel drums and blasts of electro-keys, before climaxing with an eerie refrain of ‘memory’. With all these layers in place the track hits its stride with blasts of laser synth effects. The dreamy vocals further add to the mysterious, ethereal atmosphere of the track, while the tropical sounds of the steel drums, reminiscent of the sound found on The Knife’s Deep Cuts album, add a sweaty, summer evening vibe to the track.

The combination of ethereal vocals, sci-fi synths, anthemic clap-like beats, and tropical percussion make “Memory” the perfect dance-floor hit for the summer months, while also providing more substance than the average summer club night track.


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