Ones to Watch: Baddies

Baddies are a British indie rock band who originated in Southend-on-sea, consisting of Michael Webster on vocals and guitar, Jim Webster on vocals and drums, Simon Bellamy on vocals and guitar, and Danny Rowton on vocals and bass.
Baddies released their debut album Do The Job in September 2009. It was a success for the independent Medical label that it was released through, selling over 10,000 copies.

During the subsequent months, Baddies worked extremely hard, performing at 32 major festivals in 2009, more than any other band in Europe. As the band prepared to release their sophomore release Build, they enlisted Sean Genockey as a producer, a man who has previously worked with bands such as Reuben and Manic Street Preachers.

Build opens with the excellent Rewire, a fast paced song that has a catchy chorus that features the lyrics ‘underneath the surface, I’m not feeling quite the same / I need rewiring’. The song’s use of guitar is also notable for its interesting chord progressions. The following song, Man Made Man, is also a strong song, ensuring that the album gets off to a solid start. Other highlights of the release include Excess Energy and the unique penultimate track Bronto.

Build was released earlier this year through Medical.


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