Kody Nielson is known for his band ‘The Mint Chicks’ who described their unique style as “trouble gum art punks” and now his latest project has taken him to new depths.

After eight years of fronting ‘The Mint Chicks’, Kody has taken Opossom into his arms, writing, recording and mixing and his own songs, Opossom really is a creation of himself.

Opossom have just been signed to Fire Records and this year is predicted to be a massive one for them.

The band are from New Zealand and incorporate some of Kodys personal Polynesian background along with his blend of beatnick psychedelica to create a completely unique groove-laden sound.

All of which will be shown in the captivating album ‘Electric Hawaii’ due out on the 6th August.

The first single that will be released from the album is ‘Blue Meanies’ a psychedelic and upbeat song, perfect for a summer release.

The video for the song shows its influences clearly, it is set in a beautiful woodland location with fantasy creatures, sci-fi lazer beam Buddhas and adventurous hikers. Listening to ‘Blue Meanies’ was rather hypnotic, it really does make you feel like you are in a dream, The song is carefree and surreal, and brings you to a whole new scenery just like in the video.

‘Electric Hawaii’ is like an hallucinogenic world of retro dreams. With influence from genres like the blues, psychedelic rock, motown, fuzz pop and jazz the album rolls perfectly from song to song.

If this sounds like your thing then you can now download ‘Blue Meanies’ from here to get a taste for the forthcoming debut album.


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