New Music: Shrag – Show Us Your Canines


There has been much hype for their third album and now Shrag have released a second track off ‘Canines’ with an obscure music video to match. The track called ‘Show Us Your Canines’ is a whimsical pop song which presents the band in very fine form, I’d even go as far as saying this is one of their best tracks to date!

The track uses the typical indie pop production of girl/boy/girl vocals which I must say that I absolutely adore and find very comparable to early Los Campesinos! songs. The vocals themselves are insanely catchy and will continue to echo throughout your mind – I literally challenge you listen to the song and not end up chanting “You’ve wasted enough time, show us your canines” along with the strong chorus.
The overall production of the song is twitchy with a keyboard that continually plays inaptly, erratic guitar lines and defiant vocals. This not to say that the production is poor in any way, in fact all the different aspects of the song work incredibly well together which consequently produces a unique disco pop sound that is hard not to love.

The newly released video for ‘Show Us Your Canines’ directed by Darren Hayman, former lead singer of British indie band ‘Hefner’,  does not disappoint either. The video captures the band in a strange witch like mood as they assemble a dog/wolf shaped sacrifice using various materials from around the garden which they eventually burn at the songs climax. The sped up shots are irregular and wobbly constantly flickering between each other to create a narrative that is fidgety just like the song itself. The scenes move in and out of focus throughout, the movements of each member of the band are rigid and wooden like, there are also various objects used to symbolise blood like spilt red wine. As a whole the video has been very cleverly done, making for an unnerving, creepy experience which i think fits absolutely perfectly against the rebellious nature of the song. Go and have a gander yourself!

Make sure you keep your eyes and ears open as Shrag will be releasing their eagerly anticipated third album ‘Canines’ via WIAIWYA and Fortuna POP! in July of this year.


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