Lee Mitchell finally releases ‘Water’ the distinctive second chapter to powerful pop-folk counterpart ‘Whisky’ from back in 2011.

Creating another true down to earth fix for lovers of mainstream folk, with this record directed at someone looking for a slightly un-tampered soft sound to go alongside their collection of City and Colour, Fleet Foxes and Noah and the Whale, and will also be a nice addition to any Lee Mitchell followers growing collection. This EP has an easy listening uplifting feel with well-executed musical and vocal transition from track to track keeping the whole thing fresh and moving.

Initially Starting with quick catchy rifts in ‘Regrets’ and ‘Celi’s Song’ both with very humble slow guitar built around a seemingly deep and dark haze burning off to reveal fruitful and reassuring tracks lyrically which was not as gleamingly obvious from the start. This all aided with a light touch of backing vocals, drum beats and occasional sound effect on top of an all round true folk feel.

The EP then moves into a delicate soft interlude with ‘Heart Over Head’, with an interesting female vocalist who leads us through the later two tracks to the end of the EP, with ‘Love Is Here’ a upbeat pleasant sound with that similar positive undertone and then a final heart felt finale with ‘Back In My Arms’.

The combination of Love infused lyrics with heart wrenching starts and enlightening endings seem to be the key signature to all of Lee’s work in this record, a slightly different edge to its snappier older brother ‘Whisky’ but is a pleasant ‘sign off’ second half to the duo series.

For me, I wouldn’t say that there is anything truly ground breaking with this EP as I felt it was missing that stronger kick like ‘Whisky’ had which was all the more apparent and involved, but I don’t think this was its intention as its seems feel more like a closing chapter to the 2011 record. I cannot deny there is true talent and passion here but I can imagine this EP would benefit better to be seen live due to its dancey community nature that folk usually bares, but its still a soulful and inviting record none the less.


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