There is something rather glorious about Virgin’s on Demand, there’s fast forward for the adverts and a pause button for those dratted pee and tea making breaks. With a mug full of warmth and an empty bladder I began my marathon of Sky One’s Spy. Darren Boyd plays Tim; a nice but dim single father who after working in an electronics store for 5 (or is it 7) years realises that his life is going nowhere fast. In a bid to win the respect of his annoyingly advanced 9-year-old son Marcus (Jude Wright) and prove his snooty wife wrong, he quits his job and takes his sorry self down to the job centre. A few clicks on the keyboard and he’s landed himself an interview to work for MI5.

It seems there was a bit of a mix up in the advertisement but lo and behold Tim passes the test and starts his training to be an agent. Simeon Goulden creator, writer and producer of the show cleverly uses The Examiner to mock British intelligence. He has him hurling blades at images of Dame Judi Dench, ‘M’ from James Bond as well as posters of ‘Democracy’ not to mention impaling one of his own agents. Rather than have Tim save the world every episode like the similarly goofy US spy show Chuck, much of the show’s tom foolery occurs outside of the MI5 office and is barely spy related. The writers opting to pay more attention to Tim’s dysfunctional home life and the comical battle he’s fighting to keep custody of his son.
It made my heart big seeing just how hard Tim was fighting for his son, it was nice to see that as dense a he was his focus was always on the best interests of his son. Sure his son was a weird little thing, that ran a gambling circuit masked as a book club, had brutes for back up when employed as the school’s sheriff. I mean wow, I gulped when I saw the apple casually being put in a vice and slowly spun to make another kid talk. Just wow!  That said the lil brat managed to carve out a little spot in my person and make me smile.
His wife and son are undoubtedly in cohorts against him, throw into the mix their crackpot of a family therapist who just so happens to be utterly love struck with Tim and the laughter flows freely. She stalks him, accosting him in side alleys and smothers him in her saliva and if all that wasn’t enough, there’s the soon to be step dad Philip. Whenever they’re all in a room together the banter is flawless. Whether it’s because Philip (Tom Goodman-Hill) is highlighting his sexually questionable leanings, chasing displays of affection from Tim or being the loving footstool to Judith, casually giving her a foot rub during a family therapy session. Running for a brief 6 episodes, season 1 left me wanting more giggles from the cast and looking forward to when the writers will get it together to write another season.

Onome Okwuosa


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