Free EP: Wild Combination (Review)


Finally we have something of real substance from Essex which doesn’t involve fake tans, fake boobs, looking ‘reem’ or being ‘well jel’… Introducing the band Wild Combination and their debut EP.

The male trio comprising of Christian Wright (vocals and keys), Terry Clark (drums and vocals) and Daniel Williams (guitar), are a group of friends who decided to get together and just give it a go. What a great idea this was as Wild Combination are already being hailed as ones to watch and have begun to gain many supporters including The Guardian’s Paul Lester who continues to play their unreleased track ‘When We’re Together (We Don’t Worry)’ on his ‘The Amazing Radio Show’.

Their debut ‘EP 1’ consists of 5 zany tracks which stand as perfect showcases of the bands unique sound that mixes modern electronic beats with classic rock influences. The EP’s opener ‘When We’re Together (We Don’t Worry)’ is a catchy vivacious track which employs brilliant vocals against a sturdy deep synth beat. Second we have ‘Stay In Sight Of These Shores’ a faster paced track that is much more rock influenced than the others, mixing strong drums and repetitive guitar that reminds me a little of songs by Phoenix. Next along is ‘Pet Talk’ an ambient track that makes use of a varied synth against smooth distant vocals, creating a sound which is very comparative to songs by The Postal Service. Fourth is ‘C S Hatey’ an instrumentally focused track that asserts the bands varied musical talent through the intense build up of a melodic piano, low drum tones mixed against a cool synth beat. Last but not least is my favourite track of the EP called ‘School Rules’ a sweet stripped back track that places calming wistful vocals and beautiful guitar strings against a slow synth, a perfect ending in my eyes!

Something which is even more exciting about the release of Wild Combinations ‘EP 1’ is that the band is giving it away for free… For free?? I hear you say! Yes it is true the Essex boys are offering the EP as a free download through their website in order to encourage people to listen and share it with others. I applaud them for this tactic as this is a really fantastic way of gaining large groups of listeners; I mean who can say no to a freebie honestly?

So if you enjoy a bit of synth based rock or you just like receiving free music get yourself over to Wild Combination’s website… I promise you will not be disappointed.

EP is available from –


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