AlunaGeorge – Just a Touch (Single/Video)


AlunaGeorge are back, with a video to accompany the quirky, yet sensually sleek track Just a Touch. Aluna Francis and George Reid visualise the mellow bass-heavy melody, promoting the simplicity of the track through the black and white shades of the video.

The opening scene; Aluna and George sitting back-to-back, almost posing symmetrically is compatible with cuts throughout the video that show reflected pictures as if looking through a moving black and white kaleidoscope. AlunaGeorge reflects the off-the-wall originality of Just a Touch through the almost psychedelic moving images.

Clever placement of certain items in the video leave it a cut above the rest; Newton’s cradle may show the equal musical energy both members express as AlunaGeorge and may also insinuate how together, they thrive to create something quite unique.

Just a touch combines the sorrow, shown in Aluna’s soothing voice, with the hope and love created by the lyrics and varying melodic synths provided by George. Its boasts authenticity and is definitely easy to ‘get down’ to. The video, similar to You Know You Like It, doesn’t hesitate to show Aluna’s personality through the method in which she sings. A refreshing, pristine visual accompaniment to an awesome track.

AlunaGeorge’s EP You Know You Like It is currently available digitally.

Jenner Cole


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