White Light Parade – Want You To Know (Review)


Want You To Know is the brand new single from Bradford britrockers White Light Parade. Produced by Sean Genockey (producer for Manic St Preachers, Suede), the single hopes to keep powering the sky-rocket that is the band’s recent success.

Their début album, House of Commons, was a massive hit, taking the band from tour to singles releases to being part of the Grand Theft Auto game empire with a feature on GTA IV. A lot to live up to then and on top of that, Want You To Know takes the band in a new direction musically. The punk stylings of Riot In The City have been left behind, replaced by a smoother sound and a definitely Indie rock vibe.

It’s a good change. Within 2 seconds of playing Want You To Know, the catchy background vocals have the listener humming along. The lyrics are classic, with rhymes that encourage singing on the very first play through. Lead singer Danny Yates uses electronically modified vocals to dirty up his usually creamy voice, a choice that works to highlight the lyrics surprisingly well.

The video is symbolic of the lyrics, a short story telling piece that follows a pretty blonde through a dark city, hunting for her fella. Presumably, the story has some meaning to the artists, but its lyrical relationship to the song isn’t clear. The important part of it, the watcher feels, is the speed and tension that the video creates. It adds another layer to the song, making the gentle harmonies of the guitars and backing vocals take on a sinister edge.

Want You To Know is an impressive start to White Light Parade’s new direction. The sound is fresh and enthusiastic – this song has potential as an anthem in 2012. It’s clear that they have a lot more to say, and they aren’t afraid to experiment in how they say it.

Want You To know is out July 2nd

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