Touch – Episode 8 Review


So I’ve missed a few episodes and I’m already on the edge of my seat. There’s no one in room 6 and yet Jake has ended up there how many times and the mysteries contained within somehow led to Arthur Teller’s death and I’ve just looked up to see that not even a minute has passed and this is just a recap! Oohwee, I’m breathless and kind of scared to press play, alas the show must be watched, come with me as I no doubt get a lil light-headed watching episode 8 Zone of Exclusion! This week we start with Jake who after bumping into a woman nabs her phone and slips it into his dad’s pocket. I do wonder how his playing Oliver Twist will contribute to unveiling this lady’s story.

Just as I was about to get engrossed in wondering about her storyline a magical thing happens. The exhibition at the science museum Jake, Martin and Clea are visiting comes alive and what I thought was a recorded educational display is actually a live feed from different cities around the world every time you press a button, France seems to tickle Jake’s fancy and the plot thickens when a woman in the display spots the owner of the stolen phone in the background and desperately waves her over. A quick conversation with Clea, who I now know speaks French and Veronique from France is sure it’s her mother. The only problem is her mother is supposed to be dead and has been for over 20 years! Dun dun dun!

I’m loving how writers Tim Kring and Chris Levinson have upped the ante in this episode, not only are we going around the world and back in time but now there’s an astronaut, who not only makes it galactic but does it in Italian with his half naked wife on the other end of his video chat. Martin chases down runaway Jake and they end up in a hotel, I’m thinking it’s the same one the Italian wife of the astronaut was in and there they find that “there are coincidences and there are truths”. Bohm does a double, then triple take when he bumps into a maid that looks really familiar, Martin realises that he’s just found Veronique’s twin and scares the bejesus out of her, poor love! I wonder where they’re going to end up, what the doctor-man in the cab has to do with the price of fish and whether or not his trying to play God will come back and bite him.

The space station is educating from the stars and in doing so hands some key pieces of information to Martin and Clea via Jake and soon puzzling pieces are starting to fit together. The doctor-man in the cab is being driven by the separated twin’s father, and after getting some magic numbers Martin’s feet find him at the cab station having a heart to heart. We find out that in his hour of desperation, the cabbie sold one of his daughters on the black market. So that’s who the doctor man in the cab was, an evil sumpn’ who 20 years ago saw fit to capitalise on the desperate nature of young parents and split a family up for funds and was still up to the same game as he gathered cash in the back of the cab on the way to JFK!

So Knox is the evil doctor’s name, the space station is in trouble and oh the dramatic music is letting me know it’s all coming to a head! On the edge of my seat I gleefully watch as all the pieces slot together to complete the puzzle. The Italian wife bumps into the evil doctor, stopping him long enough for Martin to spot him and after gripping him up, lets him know his days as a black market middle man are over. The police swoop in and seize the bum, the Italian wife meets up with her hubby in California after his life was saved by the cab radio controller who Martin handed the ‘thingamabob’ to earlier in the episode. Of course there was a heartwarming reunion of the family members, all was forgiven, hugs and kisses were shared and life’s tangled web was unravelled.

Having taken a little break from watching this show it was refreshing to see that nothing had changed and that I was far from bored. I love seeing how it all plays out, love watching Jake and Martin’s relationship as it develops, the strength in their silence and the method to their mania.

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