The Killing (US) Series 2 – Episode 1 ‘’Reflections’’ Review

I could barely contain my anticipation as i sat, eyes fixed on the television screen, watching as the familiar scene played out of a woman splashing her face with water, looking thoughtfully at her reflection. This image could signify one thing only; Detective Sarah Linden is back again with the new season of ‘The Killing’.

Season 2 of the American crime drama series has returned to Channel 4, guaranteeing it’s eagerly awaited audience that discovering who killed Rosie Larson will be no easy ride.

Episode 1 ‘’Reflections’’ was definitely no exception, throwing the audience right into the deep end and pushing them to begin conjuring up their own theories, I know I certainly did! Right from the start it is clear that Detective Linden has finally made the decision to choose her job and the happiness of her son over perhaps a very content future with her fiancé.  Linden is back for good and this time she intends to solve the case properly. She is riddled with guilt and anger after realizing in one hell of a cliff hanger at the end of the last series, that some photo evidence had been faked, and that she may have incorrectly arrested councillor Richmond.

After hearing at the airport that Richmond is in hospital after being shot by Stan Larson’s friend Belko, Linden rushes straight to Lt. Michael Oakes house where she confides in him about her theory of a possible conspiracy. Although he seems agitated by her claims, Oakes suggests she let Jack stay at his house whilst she goes out and begins to investigate. In keeping with the recurring theme throughout the show that nothing is what it seems, Linden discovers some information which suggests that Oakes too cannot be trusted. Of course the episode would not be complete without a shot of Oakes staring out the window as Linden gets into her car after returning to pick up Jack, in an ‘’we know you are onto us and you won’t get away with it’’ manner, which actually left me feeling quite nervous!

Mitch Larsen is still nowhere to be seen and fails to answer calls from her sister Terry, who is torturing herself after hearing the news that Rosie met Richmond through ‘Beau Soleil’ the escort service she works for. Stan Larsen goes to visit Belko at the jail who reveals that he shot Richmond for Stan and begins reminiscing about previous killings they had carried out together, this angers Stan who wants to keep his past behind him and he walks out. Belko reacts badly to Stan’s rejection and starts to act crazy. When being transferred to a cell he grabs an officer and threatens him with his own gun. Holder unsuccessfully tries to calm him down in a scene which plays out very quickly, resulting with Belko shooting himself in the head. I think it’s plausible to suggest that this season will reveal even more devastating secrets about the Larsen family.

Throughout the episode Jamie, Richmond’s campaign manager and Gwen, Richmond’s campaign advisor and lover, nervously await the news of Richmond’s condition. Guilt stricken Gwen, confesses to Jamie that Richmond was not with her the night Rosie went missing and that she had told the police this. A doctor finally comes to talk to the pair stating that although Richmond has survived, the gun shot has unfortunately left him paralyzed from the waist down. Feeling as though Gwen was partly to blame Jamie angrily tells her to leave which she does so very swiftly.

Holders character is as shifty as ever becoming even more untrustworthy as the episode plays out. In the first scene of the episode it comes to light that Holder was given the fake evidence from Gil Sloane, his Narcotics anonymous sponsor and the former supervisor in the county sheriff’s department who had him assigned to the homicide division, and that the two have been working closely together. After many failed attempts of getting in contact with Linden, Holder uses his friendship with Jack to his advantage getting Jack to call Linden whilst with him leaving Linden – and the audience – feeling very unnerved. Linden begins investigating information around Sloane, but is unaware that she too is being watched when an anonymous photographer secretly captures pictures of her spying on Sloane.

Linden is also dealing with Jacks father constantly contacting her throughout the episode claiming he wants to help out and be a part of Jacks life. Linden is against the idea of Jack having a relationship with his father who had abandoned him for 11 years. Despite her attempts to control this situation I think that Jacks father will become more involved throughout this season which will reveal hidden depths of Lindens personality.

Overall I think this episode was a perfect way to start the season, filled with lots of drama, mystery and already starting to build in more detail on the storylines set in place in season one.

I think it’s safe to say that’s my Wednesday evenings set for the next few months!

Catch the next episode of the ‘The Killing’ next Wednesday at 10pm on Channel 4.

Collette Hughes


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