The Killing Series 2 – Episode 4 “Ogi Jun”


So here we have it the fourth episode of series 2, it is now day 17 and Detective Linden is still nowhere near solving the case!
In the last episode we saw Linden and Holder finally get back in contact together; in this episode the pair is back solving the case together. Holder tries to explain to Linden that he truly thought the photo evidence which helped convict Richmond was real but Linden isn’t concerned with the facts all she cares about is finding the killer who is still out there. The pair examines the contents of Rosie’s real backpack and begins questioning why it was left for the Larsen’s to find. Was someone feeling guilty or was it just a way of torturing the family?

After watching some of Stan’s business vans leave his garage they follow them and are lead to Janek’s restaurant realising that Stan is back in contact with the Polish mob. They both go to visit one of Lindens friends in the FBI for more information on Janek. They are told that as a way of cutting ties with the mob Stan was suspected of killing a man named Piotr Michaelski. Piotr was found by wife Monica Krol in the boot of their car, hands and feet bound with a single gunshot to the head similar to the way Rosie was found.

Richmond is finding it hard to come to terms with being paraplegic; at the hospital he snaps at the innocent doctor who he claims couldn’t be any less sympathetic. Jamie tries to be there for him and even looks briefly to Gwen for help, but eventually gets more and more pushed away. It seems that Richmond is becoming even bitterer and emotionally closed than before – I think the only person who can save him now is Gwen, let’s all keep our fingers crossed that she comes back to him!

In the Larsen household Tommy is starting to cause the family problems, he refuses to get ready for school and then later locks his younger brother in the boot of the car – quite sick considering that was how Rosie was found. Terry tries to help Stan discipline him but gets it thrown back in her face that she is not their mother – it seems the sons are more affected than they thought. Stan goes to visit Janek who informs him that one of his men has been watching Tommy at school and witnessed boys bullying him about Rosie. Stan passes Tommy’s school and sees him getting picked on, he tells him to start sticking up for himself and to punch the next boy who picks on him to teach him a lesson.

Linden and Holder decide to go to visit Piotr’s wife Monica to find out if Piotr had any family, they talk to her about Stan Larsen informing her that Rosie has been killed. Understandably she shows no remorse towards him – i mean why would she he killed her husband! – suggesting it was some form of justice and confirms that he has no living family. They return to the police office to discuss the information they have found when Linden gets a call from her ex husbands lawyer. He informs her that Lindens ex husband is suing her for joint custody of Jack on the basis that she is failing to meet his basic needs as a parent. Linden is completely thrown by this, she knows she hasn’t been the best mum at time and continues to be wrecked with worry and guilt over this throughout the rest of the episode.

Holder and Linden decide to go to visit Rosie’s best friend Stirling to talk about the older man she suspected Rosie was seeing and to find out if she recognised the tattoo from the home video. Stirling tells them that she has seen the tattoo on a guy who was constantly standing outside Rosie’s house admiring her. She informs them that he was about 18, white and that Rosie was a little unnerved by him as he had been to prison. The pair go to a juvenile jail to visit an inmate who is known for giving other inmates tattoos, he tells them that the tattoo from the video was one that he had drawn for an inmate who has been inside for 18 months his name was Giffs and had been in foster care most his life. Holder checks the foster care records and finds a boy who matches the description; his name is Alexi Gifford’s.
Linden suggests they go to his last known address and begin a stake out to see if he turns up. Holder tells Linden that he thinks it is pointless, she agrees and tells him to stay there whilst she goes to investigate some more. Linden gets in touch with her social worker Reggie to get access to Alexi’s adoption file. Reggie eventually agrees to help sending Linden to talk to a lady at the foster care home..

I still think there is more than meets the eye in reference to Terry – later on in the episode she is sat in her car looking very upset. She begins to make a phone call, who to do I hear you say? The receiver is the Ames household. Sally Ames (Jasper Rosie’s ex boyfriend mother) answers the phone but Terry does not speak and eventually hangs up throwing her phone in anger. If we look back to an episode from the first season Terry had a moment Michael Ames (Jaspers father) at Rosie’s funeral which suggested she had some sort of connection with him. Was he a client at Beau Soliel and does he know something about Rosie? Oooh the plot continues to thicken!

Stan is cleaning out one of his trucks that Janek’s men have been using when he finds a bit of old computer wires. He makes the connection that they are linked to Beau Soliel and goes to confront Janek about lying to him. Alexi is at Janek’s restaurant as Stan turns up but soon makes a swift exit, Stan’s get angry at Janek and questions Janek’s involvement with Beau Soliel and Rosie’s murder. He returns home and is visited by Monica who tells him ‘’You got what you deserved’’ – perhaps she isn’t so innocent?

At the same time Holder spots Alexi who has returned to his apartment, they make eye contact and Alexi suddenly makes a run for it – guilty much? – Holder does his best to chase after him but eventually looses him, he stops and calls for back up to scan the area. The lady at the foster care home gives Linden Alexis file, she begins to look through it and learns that Alexi was given up for adoption when he was 4 after his father Piotr Michaelski (the guy Stan killed) died and his mother, Monica Grol couldn’t cope. Back at Alexi’s apartment Holder also makes the connection after looking through Alexi’s belongings and finding a picture of him as a child with Piotr. Linden joins him to investigate with other police officers; she looks through some manga books that are piled up when a piece of paper falls out. Linden opens up the paper to find a drawing of Rosie which has been scribbled all over…creeeepy!

Could Alexi be responsible for killing Rosie as an act of revenge just like the character in his tattoo? To me this storyline seems a little too easy, surely they wouldn’t reveal Rosie’s killer so soon… Hmm who knows I guess we will just have to wait and see!

Collette Hughes


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