Savoir Adore – Dreamers (EP Review)


Upon hearing that Brooklyn duo Savoir Adore class themselves as ‘fantasy pop’ I immediately thought up some sort of horrendous concoction from the likes of Kate Bush and Kraftwerk. However, have no fear that was just my warped imagination, our ears are safe; as are members Deirdre Muro and Paul Hammer from crimes against both music and humanity. ‘Dreamers’ is the latest EP to be released from Savoir Adore on Neon Gold records, featuring seven tracks in total, five of which are actually remixes of the title track.  It’s not really an everyday framework for an EP, but with the album ‘Our Nature’ on the way it seems this simply a starter before the main course. Having painted a mental picture worthy of the word nightmare I was pleasantly surprised to hear a seemingly perfect combination of 80’s synths and 90’s melodic vocals. A sudden sense of calm washes over and nothing but sunshine, rainbows and happiness are thrust upon us, which of course can only mean The Care Bear Movie. Basically, envision your paradise and here is your guaranteed perfect soundtrack.

‘Dreamers’ is exactly what it says on the tin, not only are they dreamers themselves, but for four minutes at a time our eyes glaze over and it’s hard not to just enjoy the music and experience a Zen-like mind. “You can stay where you are/ I will wake you/ I will wake you in the morning/ You can stay where you are, so don’t you worry/  Don’t you worry – keep on sleeping”. Wouldn’t that be a nice alarm ringtone in the mornings?!

Xaphoon Jones, Database, Golden Pony, Body Language,  French Horn Rebellion are the artists who take up the challenge of remixing the title track, with each one achieving unique status. Follow up track ‘Sea of Gold’ is experimental, using inventive percussions, layering with airy vocals that contradict the beats but still manage to work in harmony. It’s pure innocence.

Undoubtedly this duo is creative, positive and motivated each with individual visions, and we’re just lucky enough to enjoy the ride. They have gone from strength to strength and will surely continue to do so. Sit back and let Savoir Adore provide you with the irresistible tones of the finest electro-pop around.


You can atch them here in the UK this month:

May 6 – Communion @ Notting Hill Arts Club – London

May 7 – Simply Rad @ Queen of Hoxton – London

May 8 – Undertone – Cardiff

May 10 – Record of the Day Show @ The Great Escape – Brighton

May 11 – Neon Gold Show @ The Great Escape – Brighton

May 17 – Pop Shop (Neon Gold) @ Camp – London

Hannah Murphy


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