When you enter MMOTHS website it can only be described as tranquil confusion. Everything is moving; four boxes of things like drops of water and lit candles, what’s this actually all about?

I just clicked the top left box, the video for ‘THNX’. It’s not quite like anything I’ve heard or seen before. I wasn’t expecting the kind of serene trance that floated out. You need to watch the video closely and you can get totally lost in it, especially with the other two videos still going on at the bottom of the screen. Without the video is still a pretty noise, what I’d come to expect from the likes of old trance nerds like Moby. What’s really impressive is that MMOTHS is actually an 18 year old Irish boy called Jack Colleran.

The next video, ‘Summer (feat Humanoids)’, is a more upbeat song, something you might expect from a car or mobile phone advert. The bit of vocals really balances it out, it’s almost haunting, not in the way where the voices are amazing, it just flows through it so lightly. Bottom left on the screen is ‘If Only’, in which the visual effects are very well suited. It sounds like that kind of music you’d hear in a film when people are floating in the sea, being reflective. You could probably put Finding Nemo on as a back video and it would suit it.

‘Breaking Through’ is the final video with a candle falling in and out of the effects. It sounds a bit like a chant should be played over it, like the tin man is playing the hand bells and there should be didgeridoo in there somewhere. It wasn’t the most enjoyable one, especially not the visuals, but three out of four isn’t bad. If you’re looking for easy listening and what I’d expect to be a very chilled atmosphere.


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