My Goodness – ‘C’mon Doll’ (Single Review)


My Goodness, such a band name with so many puns like: ‘My goodness, have your heard this band? No, My Goodness is the name of the band, stupid. And why haven’t you heard them? Go and listen to them right now!’

Currently on their debut tour with ‘We are Augustines’  and releasing their debut single ‘C’mon Doll’, it’s looking like the boys Joel Schneider and Ethan Jacobsen, are ready to rock the UK. The duo, from the mighty band producing big smoke that is Seattle, had originally formed the band in a drunken jam session at their local bar and now they have recorded an album set to release later this year after the UK tour. Not bad for a drunk nights jam session.

Their new single ‘C’mon Doll’ is so gritty you can almost feel it crunching in between your teeth, laced with blues and of course, the heavy distorted rock riff. The bearded harshness that is Ethan on drums really rattles through the song giving you the bursting need to at least tap your foot or nod your head. Joel’s riffs add the crucial rock of the song, with his voice giving it the bluesy edge that is such a pleasure on the ears. It almost reminds me of a hybrid, early White Stripes mixed with echoing Kasabian style vocals and a tiny bit of really early Kings of Leon. You would most definitely need to hear it loud, not just in your earphones, in a venue. A venue that could quite possibly be near you as the band are currently on tour, with a reputation for a show just as raw as their music. A band that must be closely watched out for.

 Janna Hastings

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