For those who haven’t seen True Blood, if supernatural isn’t your thing you might just possibly be wasting your time here. The gist is sort of simple. The main character is a telepathic fairy, Sookie Stackhouse, who always finds trouble mainly through her undead boyfriends. It’s set in a world where vampires have come out of the coffin and want to live in harmony with the humans, after a scientist discovered a blood substitute called (funnily enough) ‘True Blood’.

It shouldn’t be confused with any other kind of vampire series; it’s nothing like the Vampire Diaries. It’s nearing on a grotesque New Orleans violent pornography. That might sound awful, but it’s actually a very good thing. It’s in a league of its own. The writers are very ballsy and the cast have no qualms about getting naked or getting involved in ultra violent scenes. It’s like a messed up, million times better version of Twilight, where everyone is good-looking but no one sparkles. Also the actors are actually convincing.

The fourth season will be coming to Channel Four later in the year and has just finished airing on FX. In this series, a group of necromancy witches, with one in particular, that being Marnie, want bloody revenge on all vampires. I don’t want to give too much away here, but it causes significant problems for every character in the program. There are fireworks between Sookie and her (now ex) vampire boyfriend Bill. There’s shape shifting, possession, werewolves, voodoo witchcraft… Looking at it written down does it no justice. If you haven’t watched True Blood from the start, it’s definitely one of those programs you have to watch from the beginning. It’s so addictive and compelling to watch, like a short film but there’s a sequel every week. Even the theme tune and credits are great, the songs so catchy if anyone mentions True Blood it will stay in your head for weeks. The new series didn’t fail to disappoint, it was fangtastic (had to do that). A trademark of True Blood is to leave the last episode on a cliff-hanger, so you’ll definitely be dying to see the new series’ to come.


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