If you were a fan of Lost than you will most definitely enjoy Once Upon A Time, and if your a lover of fairy-tales packed with mysterious characters than you have been missing out if you haven’t had a chance to see it yet.

Once Upon a Time is a fantasy series created by Lost and Tron writers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz. It premièred in October 2011 and has just finished its first series in America. In The UK it is half way through season 1 and can be watched on Channel 5 on Sundays.

The story begins with Emma Swan, whom is confronted by her son Henry who she gave up for adoption ten years before. Henry surprises Emma, not only by his presence but by his own unique theory that she is a part of a fairy tale and a land that has become trapped in the real world, the human world. Emma ends up drawn into Henry’s life, and as a viewer we are taken on a journey of magic, suspense and good vs evil.

Like Lost, Once Upon A Time centres itself on past and present with a series of flashbacks each week explaining more about the characters. The show shows a darker side to fairy tales and has many cliffhangers, keeping you gripped and excited to watch the next episode.

The characters are all engaging and convincing and you genuinely become interested and caring towards the characters, especially Mr Gold who is played by Robert Carlyle, who shines in this exciting story. Its just been renewed for a second season which will air in America around October later this year.

Jade Vallely