Last autumn Halfway To New York released their debut ‘Out of Time’. Now British indie rock band are back with their debut EP ‘Treading Water’ which continues to ooze with the same indie coolness. The EP includes a total of 5 different tracks, all equally impressive, which stand as a great introduction to the bands future musical progression.

The EP opens perfectly with ‘Treading Water’, a wonderfully powerful track that includes lively guitar melodies with infectious emotion filled lyrics that will have you singing along after only hearing them once!
Next we have ‘What a Way to Go’ a slightly calmer track that isn’t quite as entrancing as ‘Treading Water’ but nevertheless still holds great intensity and enthusiasm within its excitable guitar melodies and cool meaningful vocals.

We then move onto the band’s debut single ‘Out Of Time’ mixed by Simon Gogerly.  This track has already received such a fantastic response after its release last autumn, which is no surprise due to the energetic feel of the song. This track places heartfelt lyrics against rocky guitar riffs producing a sound which I would say is very comparable to bands such as Snow Patrol and Elbow.
Next is the crowd favourite ‘We Were Wrong’ a sensational track that tugs at your heart strings with its deep lyrics that speak about falling out of love. The track starts off relatively calm but begins to gradually build up becoming more and more intense, which reflects the breakdown of a relationship perfectly.

Lastly comes along a brand new track, and my favourite, called ‘Going Home’ a catchy song full of beautiful harmonies and strong guitar riffs which are packed with more passion than any of the other songs. It is clear that ‘Going Home’ and ‘We Were Wrong’ are two seriously powerful indie rock tracks which I would say set the tone for the musical direction in which the band seems to be heading towards.

This is definitely the start of an exciting musical journey for Halfway To New York. Watch this space.

Halfway To New York’s ‘Treading Water’ EP will be released on the 21st May 2012


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