Free Download: King Charles – Love Lust (Review)


Love Lust is the new single from King Charles, taken from his début album LoveBlood. Inspired by a near death experience in an accident, this iconic artist is a true example of how life can change direction in unexpected ways.

Extravagant and eccentric in appearance and musicality, British born artist King Charles has taken the music world by storm. Nominated for the MTV Brand New award in 2012 and performing to a sell out crowd in London’s Scala, King Charles’ first UK tour (Feb – March 2012) was a great success, with packed venues all across the country. His unique look and sound has made him an instant classic, with DJ’s and music critics comparing him to icons such as Marc Bolan, hailing him as a pop wonder and a man to watch.

His new single, Love Lust, was the winner of the International Song Writing Competition in Nashville, the success of which was ultimately the motivation for the writing of the album LoveBlood. The single has a sound as unique as the artist himself. The opening of the track blends together the influences of classic folk, reggae vocals and an underlying melody and construction that feels inspired by 1960’s pop.

As the song reaches its crescendo, the instruments shift from vocals, piano and soft drums to a crashing guitar, full drums and keyboard indie rock melody, suddenly twisting the whole piece and breaking the preconceptions of the audience.

As the word love is sung, a second vocal layer adds the word lust underneath it, making the two traditionally opposite terms chime together. The play on the words brings the concept into sharp focus,  as the rest of the lyrics are challenging and call into question the normal flow of a love song. Aspects of love, lust, rejection and callousness are worked throughout the music, leaving the listener with a mix of emotions that are in perfect sympathy with the artists vision.

The video continues these themes, with artfully shot scenes of the vocalist mixed with romantic story and shots of the band playing. King Charles’ distinctive features of body and style create a caricature effect, developed and continued throughout the video. Again, old and new inspirations mix, with classic shots of the vocalist singing and slow capture romance mixed with modern, dynamic poses and surreal images.

Love Lust takes everything we have come to expect from popular music and rejects it. The instruments and vocals serve the lyrics, each section of the song tells its own part of the tale. King Charles is seemingly unburdened by traditional writing conventions, instead putting music and lyrics together in exactly the way he chooses to tell his stories. The end result is a sound that cuts down expectations and replaces them with a sense of musical freedom that has been lacking in pop music for so long.

Love Lust is available as a free download from here

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