Doomtree – Bangarang (Single Review)


Fair warning: “Bangarang” by Doomtree will inevitably get stuck in your head. But with that being said, this catchy song and quirky music video are definitely worth checking out.

Doomtree is an American collective consisting of five MCs and two producers/DJs from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Each member contributes different elements to the collective, making Doomtree an eclectic endeavor. Although predominantly based in hip-hop, the group also incorporates various other genres into its music, including punk, classical, experimental rock and more.

To coincide with their tour through Europe with Yelawolf this month (for tour dates, visit, the guys from Doomtree are releasing “Bangarang” as a free download May 28, along with B-side “Fresh New Trash.” “Bangarang” is an upbeat, party song. But beyond just the beat, “Bangarang” does what rappers do best – it calls out other rappers, while simultaneously bragging: “Doomtree Bangarang/ All these rappers sound the same/ Beats?/ Sound the same/ Raps?/ Sound the same.”

The guys of Doomtree had this to say about “Bangarang:” “We wrote and demoed most of the album [No Kings] over a five-day period out at a cabin in the middle of nowhere, and ‘Bangarang’ was one of the last songs we ended up making out there. Mike [Mictlan]’s chorus really set the tone for the whole reflective ‘decade in our lane’ subject matter.”

The music video for “Bangarang” is possibly even more memorable than the chorus of the song. Featuring Har Mar Superstar, who is also from Minnesota, the video emits just as much energy as the track itself. Scenes of Har Mar Superstar singing karaoke to “Bangarang” at a party are broken up by shots of Doomtree members on the karaoke screen in front of cheesy scenic backdrops throughout the video. Appropriately enough, Har Mar Superstar is the life of the party, and “Bangarang” is the soundtrack. As the party gets going and things heat up, Har Mar Superstar eventually strips down to his classic underwear-only look.

“Bangarang” has the energy of a punk song and the lyrical depth of underground hip-hop (“They hate, they petty/ They say we too heady, too heavy, too many, too much punk/ Much too drunk, too much luck, love too much/ Yup/ But we earned it all/ All work ‘til the curtain calls and our time is up.”) If the members of Doomtree can encapsulate as much energy into their live performances as they do in “Bangarang,” it’s sure to be one hell of a show.

Emily Thompson


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