Artist Review – Ben Howard

Ben Howard is a young English singer who writes his own songs, something which is incredibly endearing about him.He was born in West London and is signed to Island Records. Island Records are known for their UK folk singers, such as John Martyn and Nick Drake and Ben Howard is every bit as soulful. Ben released his first two singles ‘Old Pine’ and ‘The Wolves’ back in 2011 and his song ‘Promise’ was featured in the end of Season 8, Episode 12 of the TV show ‘House’.
‘Promise’ is such a hauntingly beautiful song, full of emotion and heart. Ben’s voice is simply stunning in this song, effortless. This was the song that really began to define Ben Howard in my opinion, and from the fans of ‘House’ they too began to notice this artist.

Now Ben has released his latest single ‘Only Love’ on May 2nd 2012 and it is a perfect song for the summer. The song is full of soul, and to me is a song about unrequited love, something I’m sure a lot of people can relate to. Its melodic and really rather beautiful, especially if you enjoy acoustic music.

Ben has recently confirmed to play at the Bonnaroo Music Festival this year in Machester, as well as that he has confirmed to play at T in the Park festival in Scotland and Radio One’s Big Weekend in Hackney. It looks like this year is going to be a busy and life changing one for him. His debut album ‘Every Kingdom’ is available to buy on iTunes or in stores.


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