It’s pretty encouraging to hear more and more artists having the confidence to work outside the comfort of sounds stereotypical to genres they are affiliated with. AlunaGeorge, the dynamic duo consisting of Aluna Francis (vocals) and George Reid (instruments/synths) do just that. Incorporating RnB and Hip hop with sounds uncommonly found in such genres, such as electrosynth with an aura of 80/90s pop may sound like a deadly combination, but AlunaGeorge combine the cocktail of influences seamlessly.

Aluna’s soothing, effortless voice, comparable to the likes of Vanessa Marquez gives a fresh feel to the almost nostalgic tones created by George. Aluna’s voice is very easy on the ears. A combination of this with dulled bass undertones fused alongside the widely known two-step hip-hop beat makes Just a Touch hit (or should I say touch?) all the right places creating an infectious groove.

With he majority of current popular music appearing to follow a mass-produced, samey structure, AlunaGeorge stands out, proud to be different for the right reasons. Just like Azealia Banks, it adds something new and exciting to the scene.

AlunaGeorge’s EP You Know you Like it, available digitally, I would be a fool not to recommend you check it out! AlunaGeorge may not be ‘Hard as a rock’, but they have what it takes to break into the industry!

Jenner Cole


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