It’s hardly a secret that there is many a music critic who will cry out with mental agony when the words ‘indie-rock’ are muttered and yet another promo CD lands on their desk. Imagery of men with beards, glasses and buttoned to the top checked shirts clutter the mind, and not to mention the ‘out of the box’ band name. Cue, Yukon Blonde. Visually they do not appear to break the indie mould but what they do musically certainly makes up for it. Originally named Alphababy the Canadian rockers have since released four EP’s and a self-titled debut album since their formation in 2005. ‘Tiger Talk’ is their latest musical baby and looks set to open numerous life- changing doors for the band upon its release at the end of the month.

Spring is upon us and opening track ‘My Girl’ does nothing but make festivals, barbecues  and sunny skies ‘spring’ to mind (excuse the pun). Upbeat, anthemic melodies perfect for live shows completed with an outro that appears to twinkle on its way to our ears. Regardless of whether it’s the first listen you feel right at home with these guys as if it’s a classic from the past that you pulled out for the sake of old times.  ‘Radio’ is yet another track which is perfect for crowd chanting; with The Rolling Stones influence becomes clear to all when a triumphant guitar solo sweeps us up in a ‘heavier-than-before’ whirlwind of sounds.

Now Yukon Blonde are no strangers to a Fleet Foxes comparison but have they ever had The Beach Boys similarity thrown their way? ‘Oregon Shores’ is one of many tracks to take vocal harmonies to a whole new level. And when you think harmonies, you think The Beach Boys. If you’re looking for a standout track then look no further than ‘Guns’ which features those effortless harmonies, a piano with an 80’s synth twist and intense, lusty vocals.

To be able to say you’re label mates with the one and only Dallas Green, the man responsible for gracing our ears with City and Colour and of course Alexisonfire, is an accomplishment in itself. However ‘Tiger Talk’ of course is a mighty accomplishment too, it’s polished, intriguing and punchy. ‘Sweet Dee’ is the perfect concluding track singing us out in a good old wholesome, melodic fashion; ‘I tried to run, through darker times, It’s all I know, I know, whoa, whoa’.

‘Tiger Talk’ is to be released 23rd April and lead single ‘Stairway’ is available now.

Hannah Murphy


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