Preconceptions? What preconceptions? Throw any you had away while you still can because Pixie Geldof and her band Violet have arrived, and they’ve brought an unexpected something with them, beautiful music.

Named after a track made famous by the Courtney Love-fronted band Hole, Violet crash-land on to the scene with this beautifully chilled out first single ‘Y.O.U’. Yet, to describe the track as simply ‘chilled out’ would be doing it an injustice. It delves into the psyche of young love, asking those questions we all ask, ‘What is Love?’, ‘Have I found it?’ and ‘What do I do now I’m here?’. It does this whilst still remaining uncomplicated, simple and effortless.

With this underlying vibe throughout the track it is easy for us all to draw some direct comparisons (without getting too ahead of ourselves), between Love and Geldof‘s voices. With both sounding melancholically pure whilst being still punchy and poignant at the same time.

Lyrically, ‘Y.O.U’ also shows off a talent many would not have thought possible in Pixie, the talent of being a skilled songwriter. Barely 21, Geldof writes about a subject that many of us never will quite fully comprehend and manages to do so both skilfully and convincingly. A rare thing.

For those looking for any negatives surrounding Violet‘s front-woman or indeed the band itself, turn away now. Positively chilled vibes are all thats on show here. I for one am pleasantly surprised and can see Violet, and Pixie, painting the town Red for all the right reasons.

Billy Taylor


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